Agile Methodologies Letter
Letter from a Tech Guy to a Lawyer

One top priority dilemma that most lawyers have during their daily routines is “billable hours.” On How to Improve Law Firm Cash Flow the author offers great …

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Automation Action: Task Creation

An expressive part of the team leader’s work is to distribute and organize who, when, and how each part of …

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Automation Action “Send Email”

Create unique email notifications personified to your team, clients, or external consultants. The automation Send Email from Legalboards allows you …

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Automation Trigger “Card Movement”

A trigger-based in card movement is easy to set up and to use in your daily work. The most important: …

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Divorce Board

The Divorce Board, created by Legalboards’ team, shows an example of automation applied in a Family Law matter. It has …

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Automation Action “Move Card”

With this action, you can automatically move your cards inside the board and/or create the same card on a different …

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LawPay Integration

We are launching a new integration of our platform that uses agile methodologies to boost productivity in the legal practice …

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Immigration Board

General workflow of Visa Issuance Files The Immigration Board was created to show the general workflow of Visa Issuance Files. …

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Applying Agile Methodologies to Your Practice

A dilemma that most lawyers face is “billable hours”. The time spent on client work must be spent wisely.  If …

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legal case management workflow pictured
Workflow on a Multidisciplinary Legal Practice

When you’re designing your legal practice management automation, you likely have questions about more complex workflows. This is especially true …

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Legalboards + Clio

For today’s time-strapped law firms, being able to collaborate effectively with your internal team and external clients has never been …

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Getting Started With Agile for Lawyers

This article gets straight to the point about agile for lawyers—what it is and how you can take advantage of …

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