Customer Stories: Miriam @ Goff Legal, PC

Goff Legal, PC. is a mid-sized law firm that focuses on estate planning, trust administration, probate, and conservatorship based in California. 

They had noticed that while they had a list of all of the clients they had, they couldn’t visualize where those clients were in the process. They weren’t sure if their clients were in specific stages, and wanted to be able to quickly understand just what was going on within the firm.

Visualizing their workflow

Miriam, their firm administrator, described this as “because our estate plans move in and out in an average of one to three months, we’re dealing with faster times than the case average of others”. Their estate planning paralegal especially wanted a way to visually track cases. 

“Legalboards is used by our paralegal for her visual representation of where all of our estate planning cases are. It helps her determine if someone is stuck and provides an overall status report of our estate planning matters”, Miriam says.

By using Legalboards, Goff Legal is now able to visualize their firm’s workflows. But, they also found real value in the automation capabilities.

Saving time with automations

“We started with visualizing and then we found the automations,” Miriam describes, “which cuts down a lot of the time that was spent on sending reminders to the client. It has taken a lot of tasks off of our paralegal.” 

Goff Legal found the automated emails helpful for creating a more effective and efficient scheduling process with clients. They were able to reduce their workload by creating automated reminders about scheduling their review, design, and signing meetings. 

They also started using automated task reminders for tasks that they noticed were often getting overlooked. One of their automations within Legalboards directly solves this issue by automating the assigning of tasks. When their team moves a card from one column to another, they have automated task creation based on that phase. 

In their estate planning process, this is their document drafting process. Between their Legalboards and Clio accounts, their paralegal can set up an automation that pulls the required documents and drafts what they need. Then, similar to their scheduling process, they’ve set up an automation for a 30-day follow-up with clients after they receive their closing letters.

Legalboards as an organizational tool

Because of the visualization and automation capabilities, Legalboards is used as a tool at the firm’s comprehensive meeting to see a status report of their cases. Automations run in the background to streamline the functions of their office by removing repetitive tasks that don’t need to be done by a human.

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