It's always better when it's together

You can go solo with Legalboards or connect with legal technology you're already using.


Work on your matters and documents in Clio by connecting it to Legalboards. Sync activities and tasks and keep everything organized and up to date.

Work on matters in Clio directly in Legalboards

Sync activities and notes so that they’re tracked in Clio

Automatically create, save and send documents

Visit Clio’s website for more details.


Connect your immigration matters with Legalboards and create processes and automated workflows to make work easier.

Complete Immigration board templates and processes

Keep Docketwise matters up to date while working in Legalboards

Create automated email and documentation processes


Streamline legal billing and fees when you connect LawPay with Legalboards. Connect time and fees to activities and automatically generate bills.

Create automated client billing.

Track bills and fees directly in Legalboards

Sync bills and payments in Legalboard to LawyPay

Office 365

Create and track automated emails from your Office 365 Outlook account. Add a personal touch to your firm’s communications by connecting individual accounts.

Create automated emails to come directly from Outlook

Track automated emails from Outlook in Legalboards

Connect multiple Outlook accounts to personalize emails


Connect audio data and ensure audio notes and documents get updated to Docuplayer when working in Legalboards.

Append audio notes to activities and tasks in Legalboards

Sync activity data with Docuplayer files

Keep track of audio data and tasks in Legalboards

Google Drive

Connect your Google Drive files to your Legalboards account in order to streamline your file management process.

Organize file folders related to matters in Legalboards.

Sync file updates in your Drive to Legalboards in real-time.

Connected files are easily accessible.

Don't see an integration partner here?

We’re continually building new integrations with legal technology as well
as applications that practices and law firms use everyday

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