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Practice Panther

Practice Panther users can connect their accounts to get more done in less time with Legalboards and Practice Panther.


Connect your Legalboards and MyCase accounts to start getting more productive, streamline your workflow, and save time. By integrating, you can take advantage of the two-way synchronization of case data.


Legalboards integrates seamlessly with Clio—the leading cloud-based legal software. Clio simplifies law firm operations, improves productivity, and increases revenue, helping you run your firm better.


Connect your immigration matters with Legalboards and create processes and automated workflows to make work easier.


Streamline legal billing and fees when you connect LawPay with Legalboards. Connect time and fees to activities and automatically generate bills.

Office 365

Create and track automated emails from your Office 365 Outlook account. Add a personal touch to your firm’s communications by connecting individual accounts.

Legalboards legal tech integration: Docuplayer


Connect audio data and ensure audio notes and documents get updated to Docuplayer when working in Legalboards.

Google Drive

Connect your Google Drive files to your Legalboards account in order to streamline your file management process.

OneDrive Integration

Seamlessly sync all of your files from OneDrive so you and your team can collaborate effectively while increasing your productivity.


Integrate your Filevine account for easy and efficient case management. Connect your accounts today to get started streamlining your workflow.

Google Calendar

By connecting your Legalboards account with your Google Calendar, you can create time-saving scheduled-based automations like automated events, reminders, and tasks based on client meetings.

Office365 Calendar

Connect with your Office365 Calendar to further your ability to make automated events, update your calendar, and make sure your team is on track.

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