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Frequently Asked Questions


Kanban is a type of agile methodology created in Japan in 1940 by Toyota. It’s a visual system for managing work and keeping track of tasks as you move through a process. Agile is an approach to project management that enables teams to deliver value through increased productivity. You can learn more about Kanban in our “Visual Matter Management” webinar with Gimbal Canada.

You can create workflows and visually develop processes according to how you want your practice to operate. You can also check and manage all tasks of your law firm by using our dashboard, Kanban boards, and more.


To share a board you’ll need to add your guests to your Legalboards account. Invite them by going to settings and finding “Team Management”. Or, follow this walkthrough guide

Legalboards has almost 10 different automations for you to implement in your boards. Setting them up follows essentially the same 3 steps; when, filter by, and action. You can find specific guides on common automations and more information about automations here

Legalboards allows you to manage your practice visually. From matters to client invoices- and everything in between, we free up time lawyers and firms would normally spend on repetitive tasks. Now you can automate your processes and build your workflows to reflect your everyday activities. Legalboards can also be integrated with technology lawyers use like Clio, LayPay, Outlook, etc., so they can be more productive.

You can change the role of an user by following these steps. First, go to Settings> Team Management and then locate the user you want to change and click the green icon next to their name. From there, you can select if that user should have an admin, member, or viewer role.

You can delete a user by going to Settings > Team Management. From there, locate the user you want to delete and click on the red icon beside their name to delete them from your account.


You can integrate your Legalboards account with one of our partner systems (find the full list here). Please note through Zapier we have an expanded list that can be found here:

If you don’t see an integration partner on our website you can send an email to us and our team will check the tech availability of this integration.

When you use Legalboards integrated with other software you’ll have some of the features and data of this software automatically in Legalboards.

To sync your Legalboards and Clio accounts, you’ll need to make sure you have the proper permissions allowed within Clio before you can sync your matters.

Access the following link to sync your account with Clio: If you are experiencing issues with your tasks or matters, please read the information below (“My Clio Tasks are not showing in Legalboards”).

Whenever you bring your matters to Legalboards all associated tasks will get automatically shared with Legalboards.

Once you have synced the accounts, let’s add your matters to Legalboards. To do that, open or create the board where you want to add the matter and click on the “+” icon beneath any column on that board. Type in your client’s name or matter number, and click on the result to add the matter.

After you have added your matters to Legalboards, you simply click on the matter and you will be able to access all your tasks. Another way for you to access your tasks is by navigating to our task center and within the “search for” type in the name of the task.


We have a $24 USD Basic Plan that has some limitations to boards and the amount of automations you can create, and a $58 USD Advanced Plan that is unlimited. You can find more details on our price page.

It’s up to you if you’d prefer paying monthly or annually. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Legalboards price is set per admin/user who has access to the system so if at any time the amount of people on your board changes, we’ll adjust and charge/refund the difference.

The free trial lasts for 7 days with unlimited access.

Yes! We’ve made it easy for you, simply login to your account and click Settings> Cancel My Account (found at the bottom of the screen).

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