Simplify your workflows with Legalboards and Practice Panther

Start getting more done in less time- and with less of a headache, by combining your Legalboards and Practice Panther accounts.

Legalboards + Practice Panther = Less Stress

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Simplify Your Workflow

With an easy-to-understand Kanban board, you can quickly see your workflows

Manage Matters Effectively

Gain the insights you need about your matters through our tracking and reporting tools

Save Time With Automations

Set up automated emails, checklists, and more so you can spend less time on tasks

With Features That Help Your Team

Two-way Synchronization
No need to input data twice with our 2-way synchronization

Easily see your daily tasks and insights about how your team works 

Automated Team Communication
With our automated updates, your team can be updated as their case progresses

Ready to visualize how your
practice operates?

See matters, tasks and the processes that run your practice in a new way.
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