Legalboards and Clio

For today’s time-strapped law firms, being able to collaborate effectively with your internal team and external clients has never been more critical. With so many matters on the go, it’s easy for tasks and deadlines to slip through the cracks, with potentially devastating results for your firm, and a poor client experience.

Luckily, there are a wide variety of technologies available to help law firms combat these problems. These solutions manage the firm’s caseload, gain visibility into their workflows, and identify and fix gaps in procedures. In this post, we’ll look at how law firms around the world are using Legalboards and Clio, the world’s leading cloud-based legal software, together, and the benefits they’re enjoying as a result.

Living Better Through Integration

Firms using Clio to manage matters, contacts, and billing already have a significant advantage over the competition. They see improvements in firm productivity and accessibility. By adding Legalboards to the mix, Clio can be even more powerful.

Legalboards and Clio integration

Legalboards is visually based with a user-friendly dashboard that gives firms access to the information they need at a glance. However, sometimes choosing additional solutions to pair with Clio can result in wasted time. This can be from entering redundant information into both systems—but with Legalboards, this doesn’t happen.

By integrating Legalboards and Clio, law firms can eliminate dual data entry between the two products. This is because information about matters, tasks, notes, time entries, payments, and even custom fields are automatically synced.

This eliminates unnecessary time spent by admin and legal staff entering client or case information into two systems and reduces the risk that information is entered incorrectly.

Visual Learners

Law firms have a lot of moving pieces and firm deadlines (no pun intended). Filing dates, court dates, and client meetings are key obligations. Each of these obligations carries its own list of required work, and drastic consequences if deadlines are missed.

In fact, failure to meet deadlines is listed as a leading cause of legal malpractice. This only grows in frequency with more staff members being associated with a particular matter.

A big benefit of the Legalboards/Clio integration is the ability to apply an easy-to-understand visual layer to Clio’s data. Legalboards provides a visual timeline of matter status, tasks, and upcoming deadlines.

Legalboards: The Visual Matter Management Software

It also gives everyone working on a matter a clear understanding of what work needs to be done, and by when. This will help firms ensure they’re meeting their professional obligations, identifying breakdowns in processes and workflows, all while delivering a great client experience, every time.


For law firms not using automation, you’re at risk of falling behind. Thanks to software and integrations, law firms are now able to automate workflows. Automations help reduce the risk of error and save valuable time by letting software handle unnecessary busy work.

With Legalboards’ automations, law firms are able to plan and organize efficiently by automating actions such as: creating tasks, sending emails, and moving cards.

Automation can be created at the matter level, or at the account level to apply the same task creation for each matter (or client) entering the pipeline. If you’re a high-volume firm or practice group managing a lot of similar cases, this feature can be invaluable.

It could save countless admin hours that can be focused on doing something more valuable for the firm—like acquiring new clients. For businesses that bill out at hundreds of dollars an hour, every second counts.

Benefits of Using Legalboards and Clio

By integrating Legalboards and Clio, law firms can supercharge their Clio experience to operate more efficiently and on schedule. The combined software also provides firmwide visibility into the workflow in order to serve clients effectively.

See how Legalboards can give your Clio account superpowers—book a demo today.

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