Automating Practice Management: Where and How to Get Started

Automation allows law practices to reduce the time spent on repetitive and tedious tasks, focus on the more critical aspects of the practice, and increase billable hours. In addition to streamlining functions for the practice’s financial benefit, clients are more satisfied as the firm can create higher quality work at a lower cost.

Law firm data needs to be in one place for ease of use and so that matters can stay organized. Legalboards allows lawyers to track matters and see case progression in a highly visual manner. When data is integrated between partners, all relevant information is easily accessible.

3 Aspects of Practice Management to Automate

Running a law practice doesn’t have to entail endless hours of non-substantive legal work. Rather, the more efficiently you can get intake, invoicing/billing, and administrative work done, the more time you’ll have to serve clients and grow your practice.

Here are three areas where project management processes to automate previously manual tasks can be most helpful:

Intake Forms

One central location for information is critical for creating and maintaining an organized law firm and streamlining the client intake process saves time and headaches. Automating forms in Legalboards is simple, either through an embedded form on the firm’s website or with a link.

Automated forms assemble consistent, relevant information, no matter what type of case is being handled. When clients provide information electronically, firms don’t have to worry about manually inputting forms into their database – Legalboards does the work for them.


Practice management software helps law firms keep the lines of communication open – both internally and externally. Automating internal email allows firms to reduce the time spent sending those messages manually and ensures that relevant individuals are kept well-informed on the status of a matter and associated tasks.

Automated communication helps keep external clients informed regarding the progress of their case, improves the billing process, and enhances client satisfaction and attorney/client relationships.


Automation streamlines the billing process by making it faster and easier for law firms to send invoices and receive timely payments. With all the necessary information in one place, practices can ensure that all relevant parties understand their billing process, making it easier for accountants, financial teams, and lawyers to track payments.

Project management software ties into intake forms and administrative tasks to make account information easily accessible and automatically send reminders for overdue or upcoming billings.

Reap the Benefits of Automation

Legal professionals can apply automation to virtually every part of their practice to save time and expand the scope of client services. Project management software will improve efficiency, boost attorney satisfaction, and enhance the experience clients have with your firm.

In addition, no matter the size of your firm, automation helps to level the playing field by offering small and medium-sized practices the ability to stay on budget while remaining competitive with larger firms.

Are you ready to learn more about how automating practice management can help your firm organize, prioritize, and track all your tasks and activities? Contact Legalboards and create a free matter board in under five minutes today or find more resources about automation within Legalboards here.

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