Visual Matter Management

Law practices are now increasingly reliant on technology to manage matters and legal operations. However, without proper processes and workflows technology becomes counterproductive to efficiently managing a matter to close–costing you time and depreciating your firm’s technology investments.

A Masterclass on Visual Management and Tracking of Legal Matters

As co-founders of Gimbal and attorneys with decades of experience, Karen Dunn Skinner and David Skinner have helped thousands of lawyers increase the productivity of their practices by implementing successful legal project management principles.

Join Karen and David in this Legalboards webinar as they share insights on:

  • Framework on better management and tracking of matter progression throughout litigation
  • Visualizing tasks and activities and the benefits of utilizing a Kanban board
  • Understanding the benefits of agile and technology for law practices

Meet The Speakers: Karen and David from Gimbal Canada

Karen Dunn Skinner is the co-founder and CEO of Gimbal Canada. She’s a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and an attorney with over 20 years of experience practicing law in Canada and Europe.

David Skinner is the co-founder and President of Gimbal Canada. He’s a certified Lean Six Sigma Sensei with over 20 years experience practicing law. David spent more than 10 years in large, international law firms in Canada, Europe, and the UK.

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Watch The On-Demand Webinar

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Check out more about Kanban, matter management, and more in our resources.

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© 2022 Legalboards. All rights reserved.