Introducing Our New Partner: KORE Accounting Solutions

We’re excited to announce a new partnership between KORE Accounting Solutions and Legalboards! KORE Accounting Solutions is a future-focused bookkeeping and management accounting firm specializing in providing legal professionals and business owners with the data and insights they need to stay compliant and run more profitable practices.

KORE serves law firms from across the United States and works hard to ensure that their clients are empowered to reach their goals. The KORE Team has over 30 years of combined accounting experience and has been specializing in addressing the unique needs of attorneys since 2017. Through their expertise in both legal accounting and industry-leading legal practice management platforms such as Clio and MyCase, KORE works closely with their customers to improve efficiency and increase profitability while maintaining compliance.

Why We’re Excited About KORE Accounting Solutions

KORE Accounting Solutions provides expert guidance on accounting best practices, insights that can be gained through analysis, and support with Client Trust Account management. They’re focused on providing their clients with the tools they need to address their business goals and challenges. By focusing on developing and implementing effective processes, KORE Accounting Solutions helps firms lay a strong business foundation. 

The KORE Accounting Solutions team is experienced, knowledgeable, and above all, want to deliver the best customer service they can to their clients. This is something that we at Legalboards can relate to. KORE Accounting are also Quickbooks ELITE Certified ProAdvisor, Clio Certified Consultants, regular presenters on various accounting and law firm operation CLEs, and proud members of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.

Want to learn more about our newest partner? Visit their website, or follow them on LinkedIn to hear more from them and how they can help provide you with a complete solution for your firm. 

Interested In Becoming A Partner?

Interested in becoming a partner with us? Contact us today to learn more about our partnership program or see how we can help your firm by booking a demo.

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