Demo Recording

We know time is a limited resource. That's why we're providing an on-demand recorded demo. Want to see how Legalboards works customized to your practice? Contact us.

How Legalboards Helped Conti Moore Law, PLLC

“Legalboards has allowed me to identify certain phases for my [family] law firm. I’m able to basically look at my cases, divide them up into phases, and assign tasks to certain team members based on which phase the case is in.

With Legalboards, and with the phases, I’m able to automate how I communicate to my clients. Legalboards has helped my firm scale because I’m able to run a more efficient law practice. If you do not have Legalboards, you’re not running your practice as efficiently as you could."

Helping legal teams with the small
(and big) things that make a practice successful.

Visually Track Matters

Track and visually manage how matters are progressing at every stage

Streamline billing activities

Set custom fees, track time and automate billing processes

Create processes & workflows

Automate tasks like emails, reminders, and notes and create workflows for recurring activities