How Clio’s Launch//Code 2022 Winners Are Leading The Way To Legal Practice Agility

Nashville, TN- Clio announced Clearbrief and Legalboards as the 2022 recipients of “Best New App” and “Most Improved App” at Launch//Code during the 10th annual Clio Cloud Conference. Both will receive $50,000 and directly impact the productivity of their users.

Legalboards CEO Rafael accepting the cheque at Launch//Code 2022
Legalboards CEO Rafael Miranda accepting “Most Improved App” at Launch//Code 2022

Contest winners are also aligned with Clio CEO Jack Newton’s opening remarks about the need for firms to become more antifragile- and agile. Newton also emphasized the need for the application of agile methods in the legal process to achieve and improve efficiency during his opening remarks at the conference. Both contest winners directly impact the productivity of their users. Clio also announced that Legalboards is one of the first featured apps to be directly embedded within their Clio Manage interface, adding to the emphasis on agility.

Both sessions at the conference and the Legal Trends Report, released by Clio, emphasized the need for firms to adapt to upcoming changes to continue their success from 2021-early 2022. With a recession looming and caseloads currently increasing, it’s important for legal professionals to be able to become more productive, continue delivering high-quality service to clients, and maintain a work/life balance.

Legal technology is pivotal in helping firms navigate these challenges while growing and scaling the firm. The winners of Launch//Code help legal professionals save time, automate processes, and provide professionals with insights about how they work. While technology can help practitioners become more agile, it’s also essential to keep in mind the importance of developing processes that are agile within themselves and shifting our mindset.

More About Legalboards

Legalboards is a growing startup founded in 2019 and operates in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Legalboards focuses on helping legal professionals save time by organizing, tracking, and managing their workflow in a visual way through the use of Kanban boards and automation flows for daily practice. Legalboards is also one of the first directly embedded apps into Clio, as announced at Clio Con 2022.

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