Our Productivity Software Favourites

As a company who works entirely remotely, we understand the importance of productivity software. While technology can be a great way to increase your productivity, it’s also easy to waste time with ineffective tools. 

We utilize a wide range of project management, communication and file management tools (among others) to ensure our organization is operating effectively and efficiently. We also made sure to incorporate tools that benefit both individuals and the wider team as a whole, therefore maximizing productivity.

Thinking about implementing a new tool? Check out our guide to make sure it’s the right fit for your team.

Tools We Use and How They Help

Slack is a communication software tool that allows you to instantly communicate within your organization on a team wide basis in channels and threads, or direct messages for individual chats.

Monday.com is a project management software that allows you to increase workflow by utilizing a wide range of task management and tracking functions.

Google Workspace is filled with productivity software applications to make your work that much easier to organize.

In our webinar with Adriana Linares, we covered how to increase efficiency while reducing stress through technology. Here are some tips to making sure your technology tools actually help;

  • Synchronized dates, reminders and deadlines with calendar and contacts;
  • All-in-one matter management- everything related to the project organized in one place;
  • Automated time and billing features;
  • Ability to collaborate with others working on projects with ease;
  • Dashboards and using reports to measure and monitor project progression; and
  • Keep a consistent tone across the project- including document creation, forms, and use of templates.

Also check out our webinar with Liz McCausland for more information about productivity software. There are also some great productivity software applications which you can use to increase efficiency in your email, such as Boomerang for Gmail and Outlook.

Other Tools To Check Out

Boomerang allows you to pause all notifications and new emails for a specific amount of time while you work on a task. Its features include:

  • Removing (when possible) interruptions to focus on important projects and tasks;
  • Block of specific times throughout the day for deep focus work; and
  • Reclaim hours of productivity from lost time checking your inbox throughout the day

Taking advantage of multiple productivity tips and software tools can exponentially increase your daily efficiency, but may seem daunting to some. Start small, incorporate new productivity software into your work as you grow comfortable with using the last.

Want to learn more about we can help lawyers get organized? Check out our other resources and follow us on social media to learn about how we help our clients become more productive.

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