How to Make Your Matter Management Technology More Than a Digital Filing Cabinet

Matter management is a crucial part of running a law firm – particularly for solo and small practices. A critical part of keeping firm overhead low is finding solutions that are effective yet low in cost. Newer software and applications can make a big difference in terms of efficiency.

However, implementing technology can create an issue involving finding appropriate solutions that don’t work merely as digital filing cabinets. Instead, case management systems must be customizable, provide value, and offer a real solution to a problem or challenge faced.

Features of The Technology

Matter management technology helps manage information about a case – type of case, who’s working on it, budget – and track updates throughout the matter’s progression to completion. Some of the benefits of matter management technology include:

  • Upgraded organization. Legal teams can overcome challenges like misplaced or lost files and client information, miscommunication regarding timelines and workflow, and miscalculations about case status, timelines, and milestones with matter management technology.
  • Improved client experience. Case management solutions streamline back-end processes, enabling a firm to function more efficiently both internally and with clients. For example, with a case management solution, all available activity concerning the intake or matter will be retrievable as soon as a potential client contacts the firm.
  • Increased automation. Each case requires the completion of hundreds of small tasks – forms to fill out, documents to send, legal issues to address – all critical yet highly time-consuming. Matter management software takes repetitive everyday tasks off the shoulders of the legal team through automation.
  • Enhanced collaboration. Silos separate data and slow down progress. However, increased communication among team members facilitated by case management technology translates into greater efficiency and more successful outcomes.
  • Enriched analytics. Depending on the solution, matter management technology might reveal which cases are lagging in terms of resolution and help to keep them moving forward. For example, Legalboard’s time automation feature allows users to allow a specific time for each stage of a matter before a reminder is sent out.
  • Elevated communication. Even when team members work remotely, with software, they can provide timely updates regarding all aspects of a case to everyone involved.

Depending on the specific matter management technology employed, many integrate with other software to provide a well-rounded solution to manage legal matters from start to finish.

Implementing Technology

To get the maximum benefit from a matter management solution, law firms need to implement technology that reflects their workflow and helps improve it. Automating processes to help streamline case management is an excellent place to start.

However, decision-makers must ensure that the software offers solutions that are applicable through the entire lifecycle of the case, including billing, invoicing, and administrative functions.

Legal matter management software is a tool to manage cases, not just file away information. So, if you’re ready to turn your digital file cabinet into an automated system, contact us to create your first matter board – for free – today.

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