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Maximize your legal team's efficiency in just a few clicks. Legalboards offers seamless workflow automation, insightful data, and streamlines collaboration.

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Key Features for Legal Ops Success

Workflow Customization

Tailor every aspect of your legal process with Legalboards' adaptable workflow tools, ensuring peak efficiency.

Advanced Automation

Streamline routine tasks and free up valuable time with Legalboards' sophisticated automation capabilities, specifically designed for legal teams.

Visualize Success with Our Kanban Templates

Get started easily with one of our board templates or use the AI board generator to quickly build workflows.

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Get more clarity into your operations with a simple interface, advanced automations, and unparalleled organization.

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Optimized Features for Legal Ops Efficiency

Firm Visibility


Create workflows that mirror your firm's unique operational structure. Then, you can efficiently manage cases to reduce errors

Custom Labels & Statuses

Understand operations at a glance with personalized labels and statuses to specify case nuances.


Task-chain Automation

Make complex legal tasks into efficient and automated sequences. Ensure timely execution of tasks and reduce the manual effort required for repetitive task sequences.

Client Communication

Use Legalboards to maintain automated communication with clients to ensure they stay informed about their case.


Legal Management Tools

Make the most of your tech stack with seamless integration into the tools your firm already uses for better insights and management.

Customized Integrations

Need something specific? We can help with that. Use Legalboards to create a custom integration or automation based on your current tools and operational gaps.

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