Legalboards: Next-Generation Legal Software

Imagine having software that could act more like an assistant rather than being extra work for you.

We’re big fans of the Kanban framework because of how much it helps busy professionals manage their work.

Whether your starting point is a written list, spreadsheet, or other software, we can help streamline your workflow with legal-specific automations and integrations.

The cost and time savings by applying even the smallest amount of project management theories to your law firm will provide you with infinite rewards.

By using matter management technology, you’ll be able to work more efficiently and set your firm up for success in the future.

Why Choose Legalboards?

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How Legalboards helped Conti @ Conti Moore Law, PLLC

“It’s allowed me to automate different processes within my firm so I always know where each case stands and what tasks are outstanding and still need to be completed…

With Legalboards, and with the phases, I’m able to automate how I communicate to my clients. Legalboards has helped my firm scale because I’m able to run a more efficient law practice.”

Legal vs Non-Legal Tools: What’s Best?

Firm Visibility

Trying to make non-legal tools work for your firm can be tough. Juggling the integrations and organization that you need for a legal-specific workflow doesn’t have to be hard. We can help you use legal-specific features so you can get a holistic view of your whole firm.

If you’re already using legal-specific software, you may be facing some limitations on how well you can organize your workflow. Whether you need 3 or 15 workflows divide by practice areas or administrative, deeply specialized areas per team, we can help. With Legalboards, you can manage your practice and all of your needs with ease, improve your efficiency, and be more strategic with actionable insights from our dashboard about your workflow.


With Legalboards, you can run processes and workflows with minimal manual intervention or requirements. We have both board-specific automations (i.e. card movement, archival, etc.) and legal-specific for client intake, practice areas, and more.

We can improve your current tech solutions with our advanced automations for tasks, boards, and client communications. With automatic alerts, you’ll be able to keep track of case progression while ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.


We work with other leading legal tech companies to offer you integrations that enhance your current workflow. By connecting, you can have a centralized hub for your case management. No need to make life difficult with complex integrations through third parties.

We’re constantly expanding our integration partners based on our user requests. Don’t see the program you rely on? We can also help create custom solutions to make your tech work for you.