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Next-generation matter management software that works with you

Customizable workflows

Tailor Legalboards to match your specific workflows to navigate between a complete overview of your firm and detailed looks into specific areas or cases.

Time and cost savings of centralized information hub

Integrations automate data synchronization, reducing manual effort and saving time for busy legal professionals. By being integrated, everything you need is in all in one place.

With a legal-specific focus applicable to any sized firm and practice area

Get started easily with one of our board templates in specific practice areas or workflows.

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Get more clarity with a simple interface, advanced automations, and unparalleled organization. Discover what Legalboards can offer on top of your current legal management software and unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Features that lawyers love

Firm Visibility


Whether you want to organize by practice area or by team, you can create workflows that reflect your unique process.

Custom Labels & Statuses

Turn your firm visual with custom labels and/or statuses so at a glance, you can understand exactly what's happening in your firm.


Task-chain Automation

Once a task is completed, automatically create the next corresponding task so your process flows without manual intervention.

Client Communication

Create automatic updates to keep your clients in the know.


Dynamic Legal Billing

Whether you use flat fee or traditional billing, you can send automated bills and invoices based on milestones.

Easy Intake Process

Integrate with your CRM solution to enhance our intake processes to ensure clients aren't left waiting for the next step.

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