Organize, track, and manage your operations easily

Streamline your workflows, manage timelines, and scale as needed. No matter your size, Legalboards can help optimize your firm.

Harness the power of control and visibility in your practice.

Enhanced Collaboration

Centralized communication that ensures nothing falls through the cracks for your team.

Proactive Management

See potential delays before they happen with visual and automated matter management.

Agility for Growth

Easily onboard new team members or bring everyone on the same page.

Gain clarity about your firm's processes with Legalboards' features

Matter Boards

Whether you’re a multi-practitioner or just want to see cases simultaneously, there’s a board for that.

Task Center

Have a bird-eye’s view of your firm in real-time. Your team can know exactly what needs to be done and by when.

Automated Updates

Prevent potential delays by creating alerts either through email or directly within the platform.


Get actionable results and understand your operations in a new way with productivity insights.


What users are saying about us

“Legal Boards has helped me stay on top of cases and make sure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner. My staff does not need to remember to do things, Legal Boards automatically assigns the tasks based on the rules we set up.

I love the automation of Legalboards. Cases get put on a track and move through the stages as tasks are done. I can now see the status of all my cases in a single board. It has been game changing. No more trying to remember to do this or who did that. All tasks are there as due or completed.”

Frances, CEO

“Excellent tool for matter management. Customer service is incredible – always so helpful and responsive. Also love the continual improvements to the product.

Being able to have a bird’s eye view of where our matters are in workflow so that we are able to identify areas in our process that need attention.”

Megan, COO

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