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Unparalleled productivity with automated workflows.

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Stay on top of cases by automatically assigning, delegating, and managing tasks.

No-Code Automations

Start saving time by creating automations in just a couple of clicks. No tech expertise required.

Proactive Management

Reduce delays and mitigate risks with timely reminders for critical deadlines, potential conflicts, or missed tasks.

Save 34+ hours automating non-billable tasks

When a task’s status is completed, update the matter

When a matter moves to the next phase, create a task

Change the matter’s status after a period of inactivity

Send a welcome email when a new matter arrives

After a certain time period, create a new task

When a task is completed, create another

When a matter progresses, create a new task

When the matter’s stage is updated, send a flat fee quick bill for the client

When a key task is complete, send a follow-up email to your client

How Legalboards helped @ Conti Moore Law, PLLC

“It’s allowed me to automate different processes within my firm so I always know where each case stands and what tasks are outstanding and still need to be completed…

With Legalboards, and with the phases, I’m able to automate how I communicate to my clients. Legalboards has helped my firm scale because I’m able to run a more efficient law practice.”

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