Benefits of Adding Legalboards to Your Clio Account

Many professionals- in any industry, are grappling with what combination of software and devices works best for them. As we move into fully remote or hybrid work environments, it’s clear that using multiple devices/software is the best way to get things done.

For software specifically, a combination of multiple programs can be the best solution for optimizing how we work. However, it’s important to keep in mind that software should work with you to complete tasks. And a common challenge is finding the right combination of programs to include in your tech stack.

Within the legal industry, a leading software designed specifically for lawyers is Clio. And the benefits of adding Legalboards to your Clio account are clear.

Legalboards allows Clio users to visualize their workflow, simultaneously update files/data, and automate tasks within workflows. You can read more about this in this article.

With Legalboards’ features focused on getting your tasks organized, you can enhance the data you already have in Clio. By integrating Legalboards with Clio, we can help you automate tasks and visualize your work. Using automations can be a great place to start getting organized, so let’s focus on it first.

1) Legalboards Automation Capabilities

Legalboards allows you to automate various aspects of your work. Common automations include sending email updates, checking in on clients after certain periods, and more.

Automated emails to be sent out for triggers like time or card movement so clients (and even team members) can stay updated on their matter’s progress. The time trigger is especially helpful for ensuring the continued progress of matters.

For example, if you have an inactive or delayed board, you can set up emails to be sent to the responsible attorney to check in on that matter. If you want to learn more about how these work, check out our automation resources.

2) Visualizing and Organizing Your Work

With Legalboards you can easily visualize and organize your matters. The minimal Kanban user interface allows you to see at a glance what stage your matters are at without having to open each case file. Through customizations to the board, you can tailor your account to reflect your workflow accurately.

As you can see in the screenshot below, how your work is progressing in Legalboards can be understood at a glance. It’s up to you how customized you want to make your board/cards. With the customization capabilities, you can add checklists and custom labels (including colours) to cards so you can quickly navigate your matters.

Legalboards screenshot

By integrating Clio, your data will be automatically synced. Synced data means you don’t need to input updates twice. Within the task center, Legalboards also has a calendar view so you can see your task’s timeline in a simple format.

3) Get Integrated

By integrating your Clio account with Legalboards you can get organized and save time through our automation capabilities and easy-to-understand interface. These are just two of the benefits of adding Legalboards to Clio, and some can be specific to practice areas.

Find us in Clio’s App Directory here, and start your free trial with us here.

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