Customer Stories: Frances @ Shefter Law, PA

Shefter Law, P.A is a small education and IEP firm based in Maryland. They believe in empowering families with the knowledge and support they need to navigate the school system. They learned about Legalboards from a recommendation from another attorney and specifically, about how Legalboards could help them automate their tasks.

Preventing cases from falling through the cracks

Before Legalboards, the team was struggling to keep on top of every aspect of their cases. They needed a solution that would ensure that no cases were overlooked and they could focus on providing their important services to clients.

By using Legalboards, Shefter Law was able to automate much of its work. As Frances said, “Automations have helped us stay on top of our client’s cases”.

Although they originally started using Legalboards for the automation features, they also saw improvements to their processes.

Legalboards as a business tool

While Shefter Law uses Legalboards to stay on top of all tasks, they also use Legalboards to ensure they are operating their firm efficiently. They used Legalboards to improve both their internal processes and profitability.

It goes without saying how important knowing your firm’s financial standing is. Profitability analysis is crucial for operations. Frances says that Legalboards helped them conduct that analysis and adjust as needed.

Making new boards

When the firm has new needs, the responsible attorney creates a corresponding board to reflect the new area or specific process. From there, the firm can automate aspects of this new process or area with ease. 

Ready to start visualizing how you work?

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