"Legalboards has completely transformed how I practice law"

- Conti Moore Smith, Esq. @ Conti Moore Law, PLLC

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Legalboards solved the problem I was facing

“It allowed me to create different phases, different tasks for each phase, and to basically create a template for how each phase of a case should be handled within my firm.

It’s allowed me to automate different processes within my firm so I always know where each case stands and what tasks are outstanding and still need to be completed.”

How Legalboards Helped Conti

“Legalboards has allowed me to identify certain phases for my [family] law firm. I’m able to basically look at my cases, divide them up into phases, and assign tasks to certain team members based on which phase the case is in.

With Legalboards, and with the phases, I’m able to automate how I communicate to my clients. Legalboards has helped my firm scale because I’m able to run a more efficient law practice. If you do not have Legalboards, you’re not running your practice as efficiently as you could."

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