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Frequently Asked Questions

You can change the role of an user by following these steps. First, go to Settings> Team Management and then locate the user you want to change and click the green icon next to their name. From there, you can select if that user should have an admin, member, or viewer role.

You can delete a user by going to Settings > Team Management. From there, locate the user you want to delete and click on the red icon beside their name to delete them from your account.

Whenever you bring your matters to Legalboards all associated tasks will get automatically shared with Legalboards.

After you have added you matter to Legalboards, you simply click on the matter and you will be able to access all your tasks. Another way for you to access your tasks is by navigating to our task center and within the “search for” type in the name of the task.

Log into your Legalboards account. Access the following link to sync your account with Clio:

You can integrate your Legalboards account with one of our partner systems (find the full list here). Please note through Zapier we have an expanded list that can be found here.

Login to your account and click Settings> Cancel My Account (found at the bottom of the screen).