Workflow on a Multidisciplinary Legal Practice

Automate your entire workflow across multiple practicing groups

Here at Legalboards, we’re receiving many questions about more complex workflows, mainly when the law office or the legal department deals with different practicing areas.

Generally, we recommend that you have separate boards for each legal team, practicing area, and also general management boards, such as the billing cycles, intake process, etc.

When you try to have a unified workflow in some offices, you risk making your board too complicated or too generic, and it becomes difficult to sense process improvements both ways.

If you’re using Legalboards as your agile legal management platform, your boards can interact with each other.

Example Use Case: Legal work + Billing
You can create a column called “billing” at your legal workflow, and you can set an automation that creates a new card on a second board to let only the administrative staff know this case needs to have the invoice sent. When the other team member finishes the billing process, another automation can return the card to the ‘completed’ column on the legal workflow.

Our tool can help you automate your entire workflow across multiple practicing groups and even external stakeholders. Let us know if you have another example of how to use this automation, and we can add it to this content.

Written by Tainã Miranda

Tainã is the CTO and co-founder of Legalboards; she provides sound technical leadership in all aspects of Legalboards’ business and she is an advocate for a more agile legal industry. Dealing with the tech-team, stakeholders and customers to ensure the company’s technologies are used appropriately.


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