Immigration Board

General workflow of Visa Issuance Files

The Immigration Board was created to show the general workflow of Visa Issuance Files. The board is embedded with different features to provide you with an overview of how Legalboards can be used to streamline your workflow when using it for immigration matters.

1. Lead ManagementWe recognize that lawyers have much competition in immigration practice. Because of this, we have created an easier way for lawyers to manage leads that could potentially become clients.

This method is called  “Forms,” a personalized lead management tool included in our Immigration Board. Lawyers can customize forms and upload them to their firms’ websites or send them through emails to collect basic and preliminary information from leads (e.g., type of case, contact information). Once leads have completed the forms, their information will become a new “Card” on Legalboards, where the legal team can keep the client’s information organized simply and visually.

2. Workflow In the Immigration Board, “Columns” represent the phases of a Visa Issuance File. The workflow comprises examples of both the internal steps related to the interaction of the firm and the client—such as “Engagement Letter and Case Identification”—as well as the actual filing of the Visa with the competent authorities—“Visa Submission and Visa Issuance.”

The workflow can be tailored to the specifics of your firm; columns can be added, edited, and deleted. Columns assist in managing the workflow of legal tasks from one to another.

3. Automating procedures. We understand that a significant part of a lawyer’s day is filled with activities that cannot be translated into revenues. Using Legalboards, several repetitive activities can be automated to free up time and allow lawyers to focus on more important responsibilities.

In the Immigration Board, we use “Automations” as follows:

1. Card CreationEvery time a new matter is created on a case management platform (e.g. Clio, Docketwise, Practice Panther, etc), a new card will also be created in the column “Engagement Letter,” meaning that the lawyer does not have to double manage between tools

2. Task Creation: Tasks will be automatically created and assigned to persons according to the movement of the case on the workflow.

For example, when the client signs the retainer and the lawyer decides that an internal case can be initiated, the case will drop into the Column “Initiate Case” and a new “Task” will automatically be sent to the following staff member. The staff member will then proceed with the internal measures required to open the file and initiate the case.

3. Send Emails: With Legalboards, sending automatic emails to staff or clients is easy. Automated emails can be extremely helpful in promoting constant follow-up or serving as reminders of tasks that should be completed within a deadline

As a recap, in this Immigration Board, several features of Legalboards were applied to a generic Visa Issuance case, including personalized forms to channel leads, columns, and cards to simplify the management of cases and the automation of emails, cards, and tasks

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