LawPay Integration

We are launching a new integration of our platform that uses agile methodologies to boost productivity in the legal practice with the experts in legal payments, LawPay.

Legalboards and LawPay are both simple, user-friendly, and smart tools for an agile legal practice, and you can benefit from this integration right now. Check below how you can install and use these two powerful legal platforms: 

Creating a new Account

If you don’t have a Legalboards Account, you can create a new one, directly from the Sign Up page for Legalboards with LawPay, click here.

After you submit the form, you will be transferred  to LawPay´s authentication page, after signing in with LawPay, you’ll need to authorize Legalboards´ access so we can communicate with LawPay.

All done and simple like that! After authorizing Legalboards integration, you will be sent back to app.legalboards.ioto start creating your workflows and automation and manage payments with LawPay.

Add LawPay Plugin in an existing account

In case you already have a Legalboards account, adding LawPay plugin is also super easy! You just need to sign in to Legalboards  with an Admin permission user  then, go to:

Settings > Extensions

Find LawPay icon and click on “See Details” then “Install Now”.

After confirming your choice, you will be sent to the authentication page in LawPay, sign in there, and authorize Legalboards to communicate with LawPay.

After that, you will be sent back to the Legalboards app to continue creating workflows, automation, and managing payments with LawPay.

How to Use

This is the easiest part after you have both accounts synchronized, you can see all bills created for any card that has an email linked, such as contacts or matters. You just have to open the card’s detail and click on the Payments tab, located on the left bar.

You can also create a new bill for any contact or matter that you have on Legalboards, again, provided it has an email attached to it

Open a Card that contains an Email, then select “New Bill”, fill the form as you need, and Save. The New Bill will be created in your LawPay account directly, and your client will be notified about this open bill.

Once the client pays the Bill the update will be made automatically in Legalboards as it does in LawPay and therefore you don’t have to double manage. 

Do you have any questions or suggestions for improvements? We would be happy to hear, please contact us.

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