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Working in Legalboards: Estate Planning Template

It can be difficult to organize your workflows as different cases require different processes. We want to help you organize your workflow, and having a template to work from can be helpful to get started. Our team has developed an Estate Planning template for you to get started with. How to Get Started In Legalboards,

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Divorce Board Template Featured Image

Working in Legalboards: Divorce Board Template

Today’s lawyers need to optimize their services. A strategy for this is to automate some processes of the legal routine. We’ve created a divorce board template to demonstrate how matter management (and automation) works within the Legalboards platform. The goal is to avoid wasting time by creating an effective workflow. Legalboards provides you with a

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Immigration board template featured image

Immigration Board

When it comes to immigration matter management, Legalboards board templates allows immigration practices streamline their workflows and increase productivity. For example, activities related to visa issuance matters can easily be setup in Legalboards including various features to help move along the matter efficiently. (learn more about Legalboard’s features here), Board Features First, we’ll look at

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