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Cultivating a Mindset: Essential Management Books

3 Essential Management Books for Lawyers Law school traditionally teaches students how to think like lawyers, not how to manage the business side of a law firm. However, practicing law is a profession and a business, and although each requires different skills, attorneys must master both to be successful. Here are some books that aim

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Automating Practice Management: Where and How to Get Started

Automation allows law practices to reduce the time spent on repetitive and tedious tasks, focus on the more critical aspects of the practice, and increase billable hours. In addition to streamlining functions for the practice’s financial benefit, clients are more satisfied as the firm can create higher quality work at a lower cost. Law firm

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What Lawyers and Law Firms Can Learn From Silicon Valley

There’s no industry that has grown faster or become more prominent in modern society than the technology industry. Companies like Facebook and Apple have grown out of a dorm room or, in the latter case, a garage. They have become some of the biggest multi-national corporations despite their very humble beginnings. However, their growth stories

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Getting Started With Agile for Lawyers

This article gets straight to the point about agile for lawyers—what it is and how you can take advantage of these techniques immediately. As a busy lawyer or legal office manager, you’ve likely noticed how you and your team have repetitive tasks. Not only is this way of working highly inefficient, it also costs your

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Applying Agile Methodologies to Your Practice

A dilemma that most lawyers face is “billable hours”. The time spent on client work must be spent wisely.  If customers can’t see the correlation between time spent and results, it’s highly unlikely they will stick around or leave a positive review.  How to Improve Law Firm Cash Flow provides great information about making the

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